A campsite conveniently close to the ski slopes

Ideally located near the major Vosges ski resorts, Domaine de Champé is the ideal holiday base for all ski-lovers whether cross-country or downhill.

Less than 45 minutes from the campsite you’ll find ski stations such as the very popular La Bresse (covering 220 ha it offers the largest ski area in north-east France) or Gérardmer, particularly appreciated for its cross-country ski trails.

From Bussang, a shuttle takes you to the slopes of Larcenaire (ideal for beginners who can take lessons at the official French ski school) and Gazon Rouge (10 downhill ski runs and more than 20 km of cross-country ski trails)..



Nestling in its protective cirque, sheltered from the winds, the Larcenaire ski resort (no snowboarding) offers 8 downhill runs and several cross-country ski trails. Beginners are able to book lessons and learn not only to ski but also to ski-jump.

La Bresse

The ski resort of La Bresse offers the largest skiing area in north-east France with 32 runs spread over some 220 hectares in the heart of the Ballon des Vosges natural park, plus the advantage of being able to ski after dark on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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With an altitude of between 1,000 metres and 1,424 metres, the Grand Ballon/Markstein massif provides all the pleasures of the mountains in unspoilt natural surroundings. It offers eleven downhill ski runs and over 40 km of cross-country ski trails, with part of these following the mountain ridges and offering superb views over the Vosges and Alsace.

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Rouge Gazon

The Rouge Gazon ski resort offers 10 downhill ski runs and numerous cross-country ski trails. The resort also features a French ski school where beginners can take lessons. You can also go snowshoeing (2 one hour trails and 1 of three hours).

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Ventron is a family ski resort that offers some breathtaking views of Alsace. With an altitude of between 900 metres and 1,100 metres, it offers 9 downhill ski runs where snowboarding is strictly regulated. For cross-country skiers, two trails (4 km and 1 km) start from the resort.

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Nestling in the heart of the valley of the lakes, the ski resort of Gérardmer is ideal for downhill skiing (20 runs of which 3 are floodlit) and for cross-country skiing (30 km of trails).

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Ballon d’Alsace

The Ballon d’Alsace ski resort offers 10 downhill ski runs suitable for all ages and all levels. You can also ski after dark every Friday evening from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm, a totally different experience! The resort also includes a cross-country ski area with over 40 km of trails. With its official French Ski School you can be sure of getting the basics right, if you’re a beginner, or of leaving your children in professional hands at the jardin d’enfant (children’s area for 4-5 year-olds) whilst you hit the ski slopes.

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