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Campsite Vosges » Restaurantat Bussang
Open all year

Restaurant in Bussang in the Vosges


A restaurant with a menu with regional flavours

At the entrance of the Domaine de Champé is a chalet Vosges which houses the heart of the campsite, the bar: the restaurant le Stübli.

Open all year round from 7pm to 11pm, this restaurant welcomes you in a traditional atmosphere with carefully decorated.

On the menu, you will of course find specialities of the Vosges but also of Alsace. And when the meals are over, karaoke evenings or concerts regularly come to animate the bar.

CONTACT : 03 29 61 61 61 51

menu flavours restaurant camping Vosges
Restaurant at domaine Champé : a traditional atmosphere with neat decoration

The menu of the restaurant in Bussang

For several months now, Domaine de Champé has been benefiting from exceptional coaching from the former starred chef Alain Croo, in order to offer you the best possible services and to delight your taste buds. On the menu, you will find specialities of the Vosges but also Alsace.
The restaurant Bussang opens its doors to you!


  • Goat’s cheese salad (Green salad, Potato, Bacon, Hot goat’s cheese toast, Tomatoes) 18,00€
  • Patatas du Stübli (Creamed Potatoes with Chives, Smoked Salmon and Salad) 18,00€
  • Ocean Salad (Green salad, Large Shrimps, Scallops, Smoked Salmon served with Fries or Potatoes) 21,00€
  • Stübli plate (Assortment of cold meats, Ham, raw vegetables, Cheese, Potato Croustine) 18,00€


  • Vegetarian Plate (Crudités, Ratatouille, Vegetables, Fried Egg, Cheese, Steamed Apples or French Fries) 17,00€
  • Vegetarian Burger (Onion Confit, Vegetables, Tomatoes, Zucchini, Eggplant, Tartar Sauce, Chinese Cabbage, Sprouts) served with its Vegetarian Croquettes 21,00€


  • Rib steak Origin Austria Simmental Choice of Pepper Sauce or Shallot Sauce or Butter Maître d’Hôtel – Green Salad (Choice of accompaniment*) About 280 gr) 23,00€
  • Grill plate (Beef Pear from Ireland, Chicken, Bacon, Sausage) (Choice of side dish*, Green Salad) 19,00€
  • Pork ribs (Accompaniment of your choice*, Green Salad) 19,00€
  • Beef Tartar, cut with a knife served with its Crudités and Fries about 200gr. – Origin France 20,00€
  • Beef Carpacio (French origin) served with fries 22,00€
  • Cockerel on Basket, served with its Fries and raw vegetables 18,00€
  • Chef’s Burger revisited, served with its French Fries and Green Salad (Beef from France about 180g) 20,00€
  • Lamb chops a la Plancha (New Zealand Origin), Thyme Sauce with Choice of Accompaniment* and its Bowl of Green Salad 19,00€
  • Veal ham and cheese escalope (French origin), Green Salad and Choice of Accompaniment 22,00 €


  • « Risotto » Scallops and “Big Shrimps” and its Bowl of Green Salad 21,00€
  • Fish of the moment according to arrival grilled at La Plancha, Ratatouille Maison, Rice and Green Salad (See waiter)


  • Farmhouse-style potatoes (Potatoes, Cheese, Bacon, Tomato, Egg) 18,00€


  • Raclette (nature, Mountain Caraway and Pepper), Potatoes, Onion Confit, Charcuterie 22,00€
  • Fondue Vosgienne 22,00€/pers

CHILDREN’S MENU 8,50€ (up to 12 years old)

  • Nuggets, Fries, Ketchup, Mayonnaise + 2 Ice Balls

CHILD MENU GOURMET 9,50€ (up to 12 years old)

  • Minced Steak with Vegetables and French Fries or with the Garnishing of the Day
  • Assortment of mini desserts


  • Cheese Assortment(Munster, Brie, Emmental, Roquefort, Goat cheese, St Nectaire) 7,50€


  • Crème Brûlée du Moment 6,50€
  • Tiramisu 6,50€
  • Lemon Meringue Pie Revisited 6,90€
  • Pear Pochée with Red Wine and its Crumble 6,90€
  • Chocolate Fondant 6,90€
  • Gourmet Coffee or Tea (Served with Three Desserts) 8,50€
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  • Colonel (Lemon Vodka) 6,50€
  • Norman (Calva Apple) 6,50€
  • Watered raspberry 6,50€
  • Pear (Pear brandy Pear) 6,50€



  • Chocolate or Café Liégeois 6,50€
  • Dame Blanche 6,50€


  • Apple
  • Lemon
  • Fraspberry
  • Pear
  • Ananas
  • Blueberry
  • Mango



  • Strawberry – Chocolate – Vanilla – Coffee
  • 1 Ball 2,00€ – 2 Balls 3,50€ – 3 Balls 5,50€
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