In winter and summer alike, the family resort of Larcenaire, just a stone's throw from our Vosges campsite, offers a wide range of activities for lovers of leisure and outdoor sports.

A small Vosges resort, Larcenaire is located 3 km from the village of Bussang. Snow sports fans will find a network of 8 slopes, including 3 green runs, 3 blue runs, a red run and a black run. The resort also has a slalom stadium and ski jumps. It is equipped with 5 ski lifts and a free snow wire in the children's garden known as the "Piou Piou club". The resort is very family-friendly. There's plenty of sunshine and the slopes are protected from the wind by the cirque. Larcenaire also has a tobogganing area. The French ski school is also on site.


Snowshoe hikes are organised every winter. The Larcenaire winter resort has a large 3,000 m2 car park. There is a chip shop on site for those midday or afternoon snacks. The bottom of the resort is at an altitude of 822 m, and the top of the slopes at 970 m. The resort's artificial snow production system provides 80% of the snow. There are 42 snow cannons throughout the resort. Larcenaire also has a bar and a ski equipment hire service: a small resort with everything you need to enjoy winter sports!

In summer, the resort opens up to offer a green, undulating landscape and a breathtaking panorama of the village of Bussang. During the summer months, you can enjoy hiking and mountain biking, as well as thrilling activities such as paragliding, mountain sports such as climbing and horse riding.